Adult classes

Renton Campus

A typical adult gathering may consist of praise and worship, biblical teaching, small group interaction, fellowship and prayer. Adult classes host a variety of social events, retreats, and outreach trips and are a wonderful avenue for building relationships within the church and the community.
For more information, please contact the Adult Ministries Office at (425) 255-4751.

Biblical Food for Hungry People – Jonah: Running From God
Sundays, 9:30 AM / Fellowship Hall / Beginning Sept. 10
There are lots of reasons people run from God.
Maybe they’re Driven by Fear of what He’ll ask them to do.
Maybe they’re Overwhelmed by Guilt because of their past.
Maybe they want to do things their way and are Motivated by Pride to run away.
Maybe they’re Fueled by Anger at God because He acted differently than they’d hoped.
There are lots of reasons people run from God, but the great thing about God is that even when we run, He never gives up the chase to get us back.

Jesus In the Old Testament
Sundays, 9:30 AM  /  Room 206  /  Beginning Sept. 10
Jesus said he came to fulfill the law, not to do away with it! This fall we will be looking how Jesus is evidenced in the Old Testament. We will see the connection between what he said, experienced and fulfilled. Join us as we rediscover Jesus in the Old Testament.

Values That Last
Sundays, 11:10 AM  /  Fellowship Hall  /  Beginning Sept. 10
Do you think our society is in a period of moral decline? Have we abandoned the moral truth that has guided us for generations?  This series explains why biblical values (responsibility, trust, self-control, respect, forgiveness, moral purity, fairness, honesty and love)  must define our lives.  In a time where tolerance is valued more than truth, these values help us to rebuild on God’s foundation.

Young Adults/College Age
We are a group of young adults who meet together weekly to grow in our relationship with the Lord while providing a context for fellowship, discipleship, mentorship, and becoming involved in the church body. Find out more at

Adult Singles (45+)
Sunday, 11:10 am
Renton Campus, Room 105
Our objective is to provide a safe and caring environment where adult singles (age 45+) can fellowship, have fun, and study God’s Word together. In addition to Sunday mornings, group activities are scheduled throughout the year and we stay connected with spontaneous events and prayer requests posted to our shared email network. We are studying the Life of Christ: A Chronological Study of the Gospels.

Eastern European Community
Sunday, 9:30 am / Room 105
We fellowship, study God’s Word in our native language or with translation, and help each other understand the different cultural backgrounds that make up our Highlands family. “Pace!”

The 60+ group meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month in fellowship hall for a delicious potluck lunch, devotions and special entertainment.

JOY Group
The JOY Group (Just Older Youth) is for women 55 or older and is a midweek gathering. On the 2nd Thursday of each month we meet for Bible study from 10:00 am – 12 pm in room 206 at the Renton Campus. The 4th Thursday of each month is our lunch outing. We meet at the Renton campus in the lobby at 10:30 am to carpool to the lunch location.


Kent Campus

For more information, please contact the Adult Ministries Office at (425) 255-4751.

Tell Your Story
Sundays, 9:30 am  /  Room 205
A workshop on assembling the story of how you came to trust in Christ. Learn how to clearly and concisely communicate the life-changing story of the Redeemer. Hear the encouraging stories of how others placed their trust in Christ.

Marriage With Purpose
Sundays, 9;30 AM  /  Room 203  /  Beginning Sept. 17
Our culture would have us believe that everyone has a soul mate; that romance is the most important part of a successful marriage; and that marriage does not mean ’til death do us part, but merely for as long as our needs are being met. But are these beliefs right? Based off of Tim Keller’s outstanding work, The Meaning of Marriage, this six-week class will explore the meaning of marriage from a distinctly Biblical perspective, offering insight and hope for a thriving relationship.

Young Adults/College Age
Sunday, 9:30 am / Room 202
We meet together weekly to grow in our relationship with the Lord while providing fellowship, discipleship, and mentorship. Find out more at