Short term opportunities


SE Asia
January 2018

Taking sensitive materials into closed countries.
Contact: Ron Dick at or Dick Masters at 206 244-3632

Honduras: Casa Del Camino Boys Home Construction
We need people with construction/roofing experience to help roof the boys home. This trip will last approximately 12 days. Also, if you have solar experience we would like to talk with you.
Contact: Mike Brenner at

East Asia Trip
September 2018

Use your ability to speak English and smile to win the hearts of young adults and teachers wanting to connect with Westerners. Show Christ’s love through relationships and conversation in universities, colleges, middle and primary schools.
Contact: Steve & Judy Leider at

South Africa
Fall 2018
The team will be part of a group led by Prevention Time US, the non-profit International Ministries is working with to support the Reach4Life(c) HIV/AIDS Prevention Ministry. Itinerary details are being developed but previous trips included visits to new primary and secondary schools in Soweto near Johannesburg, Khayelitsha Township near Cape Town and several rural villages near Tugela Ferry. Community outreach programs including kids’ clubs (VBS), home visits, and Jesus Film showings were also arranged.
Contact: John & Marlene Petit at

Micronesia: Construction
Fall 2018

This team will assist in completing the construction of an airplane hanger on the Island of Palau in Micronesia for Pacific Missionary Aviation (PMA). We need people experienced in electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and ceramic tile.
Contact: Gary & Helen Young at