LA Mission Trip: An honor to serve
Josh Lewis

Over spring break, 70 students and leaders had the opportunity to bring the hope and healing of the Gospel to our broken world. Together, we traveled down to LA to partner with the Dream Center to help serve the homeless and hurting of the city. The trip was filled with a variety of different experiences in which both students and leaders underwent a life changing shift in perspective as God worked in and through us.

A unique portion of the trip was watching the students bond together in their “family groups.” These family groups consisted of two adult leaders and a handful of students varying in age and gender. Together, these groups experienced times of connection at Universal Studios, shared meals and served alongside one another in different projects throughout the week. Through these moments, the Lord knitted together strong bonds of community and friendship.

During the week, the family groups experienced two different projects a day that helped the LA Dream Center serve the 52,000 homeless of LA and surrounding neighborhoods. Students and leaders handed out food, personally prayed with those who live on Skid Row, cleaned up neighborhoods, sorted clothing, engaged in conversation with those within the city, and more. As we served, the Lord transformed and shattered our hearts through the overwhelming needs of the people as we fulfilled Jesus’ command in Matthew 25:40 to serve “the least of these.”

As we jumped on the airplane for our ride home, each member of the trip wore a blue Dream Center t-shirt that proclaims one of their values, “We Get to Serve.” Instilled in the fabric of their culture is a gratitude and humility in the ability to serve others. After working side by side with their staff for the week, that value was instilled in every member of our team. We come home with a new mindset that it is a pleasure and honor to be able to serve those around us. May we transform our schools, sport teams, families and friends through gospel centered service.

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