2022-23 Proposed Elder Candidates

May 19, 2022

Highlands Family,  

Below is the list of nominees who have initially been accepted into the elder onboarding process, as well as the list of current elders. The onboarding process for the two candidate will occur over the next year and includes ongoing evaluation. We ask for your further participation in this process by prayerfully reviewing this list. If you have concerns that any of these men do not meet the biblical elder qualifications, please follow the steps found in Matthew 18:15-16 and first take your concerns directly and privately to them in the spirit of restoration and growth. If this is unsuccessful or there is an extraordinary circumstance preventing you from approaching this person, please bring the matter to the Chairman of the Elders via the Elder contact form at this link by June 2, 2022. The document at this link contains the Biblical elder qualifications for your use in this process.


Nate Garvin
Patrick Sundaresan


Nate Edmondson
Mike Loos
Dave Lyon
Larry Maison
Joseph McLean
Ben Menenberg
Jim Munson
Mike Piehler
Martin Rudy
Mike Ryan
Michael Wendt

Thank you very much for prayerfully considering these elder nominees.

The Board of Elders
Highlands Community Church