God doesn’t just want to work through us- He wants to work IN us. On Wednesday our church family spent 24 Hours in prayer together. Check out some of the reflections people had to share about their time with God:

"Thanks for having this special prayer time for our church! It seems so very needed, and particularly on this very day. I think it made us feel closer to our church family even though we are not in the same location."

"I found this time of prayer so comforting at the end of a day of such unrest in our nation's capital. After spending much of the day not knowing where to begin in prayer to the Lord, the verses in the prayer guide and guidance on praise, repent, ask, and yield provided such a wonderful foundation to lift our nation, leaders, and church before the Lord. Specifically meditating on Jesus' humble obedience, to the point of death, for God's glory was impactful for me."

"Each bible verse spoke to me personally. As in the past God's Word spoke to me with some new and old verses. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. In Jesus named I prayed."

"Thank you for providing the excellent prayer guide as well as the opportunity to pray as a church. In doing so we begin to resemble what Jesus described in Matthew 21 "My house shall be called a house of prayer.." Awesome time!"

"Grateful to get to do this. Thankful to read God's Word in this way. Philippians 2:5-11 was powerful..."

"I so appreciate that we as a church are encouraging everyone to take intentional time out of our daily routines to pray. When we pray, based on God's word, He speaks to us in powerful and very personal ways. The Holy Spirit ministers to us in the areas we need help, healing, encouragement, discernment, wisdom, clarity, etc. I love that during this hour of prayer today, my "word for 2021" (Steadfast), that God has been impressing upon my heart for the last few weeks, was confirmed."

"Thank you for creating the opportunity to pray as a church together. The call to focus first on who God is (I prayed thru each of His names and meditated on how powerful He is!), then on the surrender of my own heart before moving on, was just what I needed to do before I could proceed in prayer outward. Thanks to all who put together the guide, and brought our hearts together over this treasure entrusted to us all...Highlands people, Highlands community, the World we reach and the hopes for the future. (My personal challenge of the hour: take the nature of a servant, as Jesus did. Be obedient to death of my self will. Follow Him alone.) May God restore, heal and bless, giving us a holy, fresh vision for the finish line."

"Thank you for the prayer guide. It was very helpful and thoughtfully done. It was good to pray for our people. I'm glad we could do it together like this. May we find a great blessing in it. I was made aware of some attitudes in my heart that need to change. I pray for the Holy Spirit's work in me to do that."

We hope that the Into the Wild sermon series in Luke 3 &4, and also this day of prayer have inspired you to spend more time with Jesus in 2021. We've put together a page with some of the resources that may be helpful to you, keep checking back as we add more!