6th Grade Retreat
Jennica Osborne

Every spring we look forward to the 6th grade class transitioning from Children’s Ministry to Middle School Ministries. All year students look forward to their turn to go on the 6th Grade Retreat at the Great Wolf Lodge. This year’s class recently went to the lodge and had a powerful time of relationship building, time in God’s Word, and in deep conversations over meals and during small group times. The students talked about how valuable being in community is – that we are better together. They also were reminded of just how much God loves them and longs for them to truly know Him. We had several students with us that were nervous and wondering if they would fit in or make friends. It was awesome to see our leaders fully engaged in communicating to our students that they matter to God and because of that, they matter to us. We are excited for this class of students to continue to grow in their friendships and in their relationships with the Lord as they grow up.