A Follow Up Note From the Elders

February 4, 2021

As we shared with you yesterday, we are taking a number of action steps as Elders for the future health of our churchIf you missed yesterday’s email, you can read it here. We are thankful to our consultant Brian Aaby of Slingshot for his recommendations, and are taking action on each one. We are also thankful to Pastor Nate, the staff Lead Team and all of our staff for stepping up in this season to lead and manage each area of our church in God’s power and grace.  

As we mentioned yesterday, we are inviting our church family to submit new elder nominations. All of the current elders are planning to gradually step off the governing board into an advisory role in 2021, as new governing Elders are put in place. The exact timeline will depend on the onboarding of new, biblically qualified elders from the congregation.  

You can nominate a potential elder candidate here at this link through February 21. For more information on what our fast tracked Elder onboarding process will look like this year, see below. 

We encourage you to use the new online elder nomination form to nominate potential elder candidates who meet the biblical and bylaw qualification criteria listed on the form.   

Thank you for YOUR continued prayers for our church as together we continue on mission helping people find and follow Jesus. 

2021 Elder Onboarding Process 

We are taking the following actions to more quickly add qualified members to the Elder Board, with the goal of gaining new perspectives and refreshing the structure and operations of the Board: 

  • The Bylaws have been revised to provide a faster process for identifying, vetting, training and appointment of new elders. This onboarding process normally takes about a year. We are working to shorten it to a few months while maintaining the critical elements of the vetting and training. 
  • We have already started the process of vetting potential candidates recommended by our staff and the Board. 
  • We are updating our elder training materials to define the fast track on-boarding process. During the fast-track training, approved elder candidates will join our elder meetings as non-voting participants. This training will help the elder candidates to understand established HCC policies, doctrinal positions, activities/events in which the Board has been involved, and the fundamentals of biblical eldership. 
  • We plan to review the Bylaws and identify any changes deemed appropriate. 

Thank you, Highlands Family, for your participation in this important process!