Dear Brothers and Sisters,

2016—What a year!

Last year at this time I shared the vision for significant upgrades to make our gym at the Renton campus:
• fully functional as a large meeting space for adults and special events;
• attractive for our students to enthusiastically invite and welcome their friends;
• our “front living room” to the unchurched who are coming to us through our growing children’s programs.

This week, we are placing the finishing touches on the Family Life Center as that vision has become reality!

In September we celebrated our 70th year of being the church on the hill. What a privilege to have Inez Wilson and her children to join us to not only recall the placing of those foundation stones, but also to see that the best years of Highlands lay ahead.

The mission continues, here in Renton, Kent, and beyond. Within a few weeks, Mike Ryan the Regional Director for Eurasia, Simi Bilti, one of our Elders, and I will be traveling to Tajikistan. An emerging vision continues to develop in this area of the world as to how God is calling us to further equip the Christ followers to reach that critical region for His glory. The work that our Lord has called us to do compels us to press on.

As we conclude 2016, the Lord has clearly blessed Highlands Community Church. Lives are being changed and God is at work all around us. I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider a special year-end financial gift to allow us to see even greater effectiveness by God’s grace in the year ahead. I can tell you with great confidence and humility, your sacrificial giving makes a difference.

Thank you for your continued financial support so that we can help people find and follow Jesus.

In Christ,

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Jim Amandus
Senior Pastor
Highlands Community Church

PS: Bringing the hope and healing of the gospel to our broken world has never been more relevant than it is right now. Let us encourage one another!

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