Ron Dick

On the recently completed mission trip to SE Asia, we had the opportunity to visit an ethnic church that HCC has supported. Previous to the forming of this congregation, believers had to travel many miles to attend services. But in January of 2017, fifteen brothers and sisters requested permission to start a new church in their own community. The congregation grew rapidly as they met in several people’s homes. In July, they requested to build their own church building and HCC was honored to be able to assist them by purchasing needed materials for the roof. The new church now sits high on a hill overlooking the entire valley and it has a majestic view which further evokes worship of our Lord. This congregation, which numbered only 15 members at its inception just a year earlier, now totals over 180 members from over 30 families. A true testament of how the Spirit has worked among these humble people.

This particular church’s building had been completed only a month prior to our arrival. The new building was a source of great pride in this small community. Our presence in their midst for Sunday service was greeted with joy and we were thrilled to be able to fellowship with them.

The Lord is working powerfully in these isolated ethnic communities. In parts of this country, this particular people group is still greatly persecuted. But where persecution is great, our God is greater. Current statistics show that somewhere around 60% of all these people are believers in our Lord. It is such a joy to be able to continue to minister to them in various ways. May all of you at HCC be blessed for being part of this work.