Gene Crock

The smell of hotdogs and hamburgers drew us in. After attending worship we smelled the BBQ happening and it made us change our plans. We decided to put off our yard work until later and instead attend the Fall Kickoff Party that HCC was hosting.

We were so glad we did as we sat down with a new family who had just moved from Alabama to Renton and were attending Highlands for the very first time! Their neighbors had invited them to the service and told them about the fun activities for kids and lunch afterwards. They were enjoying the kickoff party but it was obvious to us that they didn’t know anyone yet.

We had the opportunity to tell them our history with Highlands since we came 25 years ago with our own elementary age kids. We shared with them how Highlands was a family orientated church that ministered to all ages. We talked about Awana, Kids Quest, Junior High and High School camps, adult classes and small groups and of course Jim Amandus great teaching on Sunday! They asked a lot of great questions about the kid’s programs and the Biblical teaching at Highlands. They expressed that they were eager to get more involved. And since then they have become actively involved at Highlands!

After this interaction, my wife and I talked about how cool it was that God had redirected us to stay and meet this family who was sitting alone. Fall Kickoff is an incredible opportunity to reach out to other people. Join us in inviting people and being ready to welcome them to our church family!

For more info & to share an online invitation to our 2017 Fall Kickoff Party with your friends & nieghbors, visit highlandscc.org/fall-kickoff.