A Wet Weekend at Renton

Last Saturday afternoon as the worship team was preparing for the evening services, a sprinkler head unexpectedly released in the Renton upper lobby! The water flooded not just the lobby but twenty feet in to the worship center, soaking through the floor and in to the elementary resource room and surrounding rooms and hallways before it could be shut down. We are grateful to all those who acted quickly under pressure and jumped in to help with the cleanup (including tech/worship team members, and soon after the fire department!) so that services could be held that evening as well as the next morning.

Within minutes of the incident, we called a water abatement company who brought out two vacuum trucks to draw as much water out of the carpet as possible. They then left 22 pieces of equipment to dry the floor and keep mold from growing, although we set them aside while weekend services were being conducted.

Significant water damage has occurred, so this week, we’ve been working with the abatement company to identify the degree of the damage and approvals for work from our insurance company. We have moved critical supplies from the children’s resource room to room 110 to serve as their temporary headquarters, and emptied impacted areas of all other materials to remote storage. This will enable us to begin removing ceilings and walls to eliminate wet materials before mold can grow. We have tested for hazardous materials and found asbestos which will further complicate the restoration process.

The main lobby floor’s sub-floor has been significantly damaged and much of the carpeting will need to be removed along with the plywood sheeting. We’ve been running fans and dehumidifiers 24/7 to pull water out and keep mold from growing until the area is brought in to moisture limits. The fans will continue for many weeks, and will also be needed when floors and walls are opened up.

Thankfully, our insurance company has been cooperative. Thanks for your patience through the cleanup process, and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

Scott Kaseburg, Executive Director
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