October 14, 2018

Highlands family,

This weekend Pastor Jay shared some very exciting but also bittersweet news at Renton and Kent. If you weren’t able to be with us, please watch the video above as Jay shares how God has been working in his heart, confirming the calling on his life and next steps!

Over the past year and a half or so, Jay has been intentionally developing his capacity as a pastor and leader through the mentorship of Pastor Jim, Pastor Tom, and others on our team, with the goal of one day serving in a senior pastor role. Jay is now in the final rounds of conversation with a church in Iowa! We ask that you be in prayer for Jay, Jen, Ben, and Abi as they fly out the weekend of October 21, as part of the candidating process. We are expecting that Jay will be confirmed, and will then begin the transition of moving across the country.

We recognize that transitions like this bring about a range of emotions. We will miss the Haugh family and are so grateful for the ministry God has been pleased to do through them. At the same time, we know that developing and sending leaders is in the core DNA of Highlands. What a privilege it is to be part of building God’s kingdom!

We’re so excited for Jay, for the church in Iowa, and likewise we’re excited for the future of the Kent Campus and the leader we are trusting God will bring to us. The Kent Campus is integral to the future trajectory of Highlands. Know that we are committed to providing world class pastoral leadership and shepherding care both in the interim and long term.

You may have questions about what’s next, and the timeline. While we may not have all the answers yet, we welcome those questions, and want you to feel free to talk with our pastoral team. You can also submit any questions you might have at this link.

We will be sharing more in the days ahead- including opportunities to celebrate and thank Jay and his family. We have seen God’s provision time and time again, and together we are trusting in His faithfulness!