An Update from the Elders:
Consultant Recommendations & Elder Nominations

February 3, 2021

Highlands Family,
Thank you for your continued prayers for our church, and for the many ways you are actively engaged in helping people find and follow Jesus. We are grateful for each of you.
2020 was a very challenging season for us as a church, and as elders we are committed to learning from the past and taking steps to ensure strong, healthy leadership and renewed vision moving forward. As we shared on Sunday, we are excited for this new season as Pastor Nate and the staff Lead Team step into their interim leadership roles. We love this church family and desire to see God work in and through us in new ways, all for His glory.

The purpose of this message is to share some detailed next steps with you, so that you know what to expect moving forward.

Since December, we have been working with an outside Christian consulting group that specializes in church leadership. Over the past couple months, our consultant has conducted over 40 interviews with current and former staff and elders, as part of a thorough and honest evaluation of the challenges we have faced, and where we are at as a church.
Based on this evaluation, our consultant provided us as elders with six recommendations for moving forward. While many of these recommendations directly involve the staff and elders, we are also asking you as part of our church family to participate in an important way (more on that at the end). 
We have prayerfully considered and evaluated each of the six recommendations, and will be taking the following action steps:
1) We will be intentionally communicating and inviting our church family into a unified vision that refocuses the church on mission helping people find and follow Jesus. The Lead Team, elders, and Brian (our consultant) will be working on this together.
2) The elders are actively vetting new elder nominees to be trained as governing elders over the next few months, based on candidate recommendations from the staff and congregation. For the health of the church, the current elders serving on the Board will move gradually as appropriate to a new non-governing, non-voting advisory role where prayer, shepherding and counsel are key responsibilities. In order to best care for our church family, 2021 will be “a year of transition” to collaboratively on-ramp these newly qualified governing elders.
3) The current Board will review our bylaws and policies, and work out recommended changes with the new elder candidates as part of their elder training.
4) We will create more opportunities for leadership (staff and elders) to be in relationship with one another to ensure collaboration, accountability and more fluid communication.

5) We will establish a new relational model of leadership with intentional overlap of the elders, Lead Pastor, staff and key volunteers.

6) Brian (our consultant) will continue to work closely with the staff and elder teams to support them moving forward.

We are also asking you as part of our church family to prayerfully consider participating in an important way, by submitting new elder nominations. You can submit your nominations beginning today through Sunday, February 21, 2021. Please submit your nominations here at this link.
Thank you for your continued prayers as we enter into this new season as a church. We don’t know all of what the future holds, but we do know that God is faithful, and that we can trust in Him. Please pray for our church family- that God would not only work THROUGH each of us, but that God would work IN us, as we draw closer to Him.

In Christ, 

Highlands Community Church
Board of Elders