Audio bibles

Your generosity is helping people find and follow Jesus across the globe! Highlands recently gave $20,000 to help fund the translation and recording of the New Testament into the Kinyamwezi language, allowing thousands who do not read or write to hear the gospel for the first time.

Over a million Nyamwezi people live in Tanzania and only 1.0% are evangelical Christians. Currently, there is virtually no evangelical Christian presence among the Nyamwezi people. Instead, a mixture of animism and witchcraft rules the spiritual landscape. They depend on cattle and goat herding and subsistence farming to make their living.

Most Nyamwezi cannot read or write. In order to come to salvation, gain basic biblical literacy, and grow in their faith, the Nyamwezi must hear, rather than read, the Bible.

For the Nyamwezi, the solution isn’t seen. It’s heard. The Nyamwezi can’t read, but they have a strong oral tradition and a keen ability to memorize detailed stories. If they had the ability to hear the New Testament at will they would listen to it intently. This is why Team Tanzania is partnering with Faith Comes By Hearing to produce and distribute audio New Testaments in Kinyamwezi, the language of the Nyamwezi people.

Access to scripture is an essential component to church planting in any culture, and Team Tanzania believes that these audio New Testament devices will spark a movement among the Nyamwezi people. For the first time in their lives, these people will have the opportunity to hear the Bible in their own language, study it, and allow it to change their lives.

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