Jennica Osborne

Each Wednesday evening throughout the school year the building is abuzz with over 300 kids, ages 3-6th grade, and more than 100 middle school, high school, and adult leaders helping them memorize God’s Word and grow in their relationships with Him. Almost every single room in the building is full of excited kids ready to learn more.

Last week, we wrapped up another great year of Awana at Highlands and I am continually amazed to watch what God is doing in the lives of our kids. One little girl that was having a harder time in the beginning of the year began thriving when a leader worked one-on-one with her to be her special buddy. Because one of our leaders was able to communicate to this little girl that she mattered to God and to us, she began memorizing God’s Word and making friends in Awana. We saw so much growth in her this year!

One of our older boys was ready to give up on memorizing his verses because he thought it didn’t matter. A few months ago, God got ahold of his heart and he got to work memorizing his verses. He not only caught up on all that he was behind on, but was able to finish his entire book and receive his Timothy Award (the highest award we give out for 6th graders who can complete all four of their books).

These are just some of the ways we saw God at work in the lives of our students and we are so humbled to get to have a front row seat to seeing Him move. What a privilege it is to walk with students as they grow in their hunger for God’s Word. Thank you to all those that served with us this year!