Building Disciples | Pastor Jay Haugh

Last month our church hosted a discipleship conference at the Renton campus. It was a great week of not only seeing churches from around the state come and learn how to be better equipped to disciple their congregations, but it was an encouraging time for both HCC campuses to strategically think how we can build a better discipleship culture at Highlands.

As a pastor there is a deadly trap that we can easily fall prey to. It’s the trap or mindset of trying to build the church. How can we make Highlands better, bigger, and more efficient? We as a staff know we need to guard against this tendency. God is not calling us to build the church, that’s Jesus’ job. He is responsible for building the Church. God is uniquely calling us to build disciples. He commanded and called us to “make disciples.” There are many pastors whose mission is to build their churches and in doing so they may get disciples in the process, but it’s not guaranteed. However, if we obey the mission that Jesus has set before us and give our lives to making disciples, Jesus promises that He will build the Church and the gates of Hell will not overcome it.

Therefore, I’m excited to build a discipleship culture at Highlands and especially with the staff and key leaders that God has placed at our Kent campus. God is in the business of transforming lives through the power of the gospel and we will do well when we align ourselves with His mission. If you want to be a part of something exciting and life-changing, pursue Jesus and invest your time, energy, and resources in helping others do the same. It’s worth it!

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