South Africa has been hit hard by Covid-19. The country, with a population of 67 million, now has the world’s fifth largest case load. Many rural medical clinics are closing due to health care workers becoming sick. Peer Educators are losing family members, pastors and teachers whom they have worked with closely.

In the midst of it all, Yandiswa, age 16, Grade 10, is not giving up hope. She is shown here sharing a passage from her Reach4Life Bible to encourage other youths and recently wrote: “I am so grateful that these difficult times have happened when I am in Christ. It has been months of not going to school and seeing friends and playing my favourite sport. Hard as it has been, I have had so much peace knowing that the Lord is in control. Today (June 16) we have come to our R4L group wearing our school uniforms as we commemorate the youth of 1976 who marched against Apartheid. Today our struggle is not Apartheid but the AIDS, drugs, and all other youth challenges. But the Lord is directing my steps. I have been reading my R4L Bible and I am assured that nothing will separate us from the love of God, Romans 8:35”. Yandiswa knows that God controls all things. That in His perfect timing the pandemic will be over. That she is grateful Covid-19 came when she was in Christ. That she has confidently placed her trust in Him. Praise the Lord; Reach4Life is in her life also.

Your donations of recyclables are making a difference for Yandiswa and countless others. Despite the impact of the virus, donations of recyclables for the Reach4Life Bible ministry in South Africa are being received. Eight hundred (800) pounds of beverage cans have been recycled as well as quantities of other aluminum, copper and brass since last March! Every dollar received from recycling is used to purchase Bibles for the Reach4Life HIV/AIDS Prevention Ministry led by Highlands missionary Thandeka KaMavundla-Nzama. Thandy and her team of Peer Educators serve students and young adults at public schools, community centers, drug rehab centers and prisons in South Africa, Swaziland, Lethoso, and Mozambique.

Please pray that Jesus' tender ministry will be upon those that have lost loved ones, that God will give Thandy and her family, the R4L worker volunteers (350+) an extra measure of protection from the virus and God's calming grace will fall upon the people of South Africa.

Thandy and her team recorded 257,039 contacts with youths and young adults in 2019 and were looking forward to increasing that number in 2020 until the pandemic hit. Everyone is hopeful that in-person Reach4Life groups can resume as the government opens up the country later this year. Until then, they have moved to on-line R4L trainings and meetings. One coordinator even represented R4L on a national TV panel on drug rehabilitation.

Keep your recycle donations coming. At Highlands Renton, drop your donations off at the courtyard gate near the bus parking area. Or, contact John Petit, or Alan Pomeroy at to have them picked up. And remember, in addition to aluminum beverage cans, our recycling project includes copper, brass, stainless steel and other types of aluminum.
Thank you, Highlands Family, for participating in this and helping people find and follow Jesus in South Africa!