I can’t imagine anyone arguing with the statement, “Family matters.” However, I’ve noticed that when it comes to community, we can often embrace a more laissez-faire mentality. Most people desire to be a part of a community, but they don’t often take the necessary steps to be a part of one. Why? I think there are a variety of reasons, but the underlining core reason is that it’s not seen as crucial or absolutely necessary. It’s not significant enough to prioritize in the “craziness” of daily life.

If this is your mindset or current situation, I’d encourage you to reconsider. Community matters significantly. Just as “Family matters,” so also, “Community matters.” Christianity Today recently published an article providing various statistics. One that caught my intention was the direct correlation that community plays in an individual’s spiritual vitality. In other words, God uses community (like He uses family) to help grow and develop His children. Spiritual maturity doesn’t develop in isolation, but within the confines of a community (e.g. weekend worship, small groups, service, etc.). The statistics also go on to show that when people are part of a community they are not only growing spiritually, but they are far more likely to engage the community that God has placed around them.

One the things that we’re doing at the Kent campus is providing monthly dinner parties at our house. We do this because we desire to have our people connect and form meaningful community—a community that will encourage each other, pursue Jesus, and reach out to those around us. The picture shown is our most recent dinner party. We had 15 adults and nine children. I’m excited to see what God is going to do this upcoming year! May He continue to connect people to people and people to His Son.

Pastor Jay