Sixteen diverse people from HCC served over 100 kids in a foreign country alongside leaders from Costa Rica, most of whom we had never met before! In many ways this was a daunting challenge. However, we went believing God could do something good and He surpassed our expectations! Here are a few quotes from our team members and people who participated in the High Power soccer camp. As you will read, it was equally transforming for us and the people we served:

“This is the best time I have ever had on a break from school.” – Costa Rican Kid
“This is the most meaningful trip I have ever taken.” – HCC Team Member
“I saw God in you through how you loved my kids even when it was difficult.” – Costa Rican Parent
“You helped us reach children in this community that we never met before.” – Costa Rican Pastor
“I now understand Jesus’ love for me.” - Costa Rican Kid
“I want Jesus to be my Lord and Savior.” - Costa Rican Kid
“God helped me be courageous.” - HCC Team Member
“I want to grow in studying the Bible like we were helping the kids to do.” - HCC Team Member
“I want to be more intentional in building relationships back home where I can talk with people about God.” - HCC Team Member

Besides these, there are plenty more ways God impacted people through this week. When you see one of the people who went on this mission trip, ask him or her how God worked in and through the team during this time of serving together. Thank you for your prayer and financial support. It helped make all of this possible!