High School Discipleship Groups

D-Groups are designed to give students someone and somewhere that encourages spiritual friendships and biblical conversations.

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Starting the week of October 4!

Groups will have the ability to choose one of the following days at 7 PM that works best for them:

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Groups will continue to be grade-based and gender specific. The mission will remain the same—giving students someone and somewhere to have biblical conversations and form spiritual friendships.


As we shift online, we acknowledge that this mission of D-Group is more difficult to accomplish online than in person. Because of this, we have created a plan to do our best to provide an in-person option for students with the rules and regulations from the state in mind.

The current state guidelines state that small groups and Bible studies may have up to 5 outside family members gather. They must adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear masks. In order to provide an in-person D-Group, we are allowing groups to split into halves (4 students, 1 leader), meet in a “host” home, and Zoom in with the other part of their group. Students that don’t feel comfortable meeting in person will be able to Zoom in virtually.

Questions? Contact the Next Gen Ministries Office.