DivorceCare - Bringing the Hope and Healing of the Gospel
Michele Jancola

Bev Davies has been leading Highlands Community Church’s DivorceCare Ministry for the past 12 years. It has been a true blessing for Bev and her co-leaders, Ed and Gail, to witness the healing that takes place during the 13-week, Christ-centered series. They have seen individuals connect with one another, share what is on their hearts, help each other discover God’s healing grace, and in time, choose to serve in other ministries here at HCC and in the community. Many of the DivorceCare alumni have stated they are now attending HCC because of the DivorceCare ministry.

All the leaders in DivorceCare have experienced the pain of divorce and have allowed God to use their experiences to come alongside others to encourage them, disciple them, and point them toward the only One who can truly heal us.

The following are quotes from the current DivorceCare participants:

“DivorceCare has been a place where I feel accepted and where I can share my real feelings. A place I can take the mask off to heal.”

“I am learning that divorce doesn’t define me! It’s okay to feel sad — I’m still a good person with a purpose and destiny! I need to be kind and patient with myself.”

“Knowing that someone can relate to what I’ve experienced, and that they understand has been so helpful. Being accountable to others who are compassionate during the healing process has been a great source of strength.”

The DivorceCare website www.divorcecare.org, is a great resource to find help and encouragement through daily emails. It can also help people locate a group in their area. DivorceCare is for anyone going through a separation or who has gone through divorce.