Jennica Osborne

We have so many stories of how we saw God at work throughout our week at Elementary Camp, it is fun to remember all that we experienced. One of our Highlands mom’s has been a nanny for a young man since he was just a couple months old. He is now going into 5th grade this year so she has had many opportunities to share Christ with him throughout his life. She has faithfully brought him to Awana each week and this was his second year at Elementary Camp. She herself had signed up to come as one of our leaders – just a few weeks before camp. She wasn’t sure why she even thought to offer to come since none of her own kids were there, but she said yes and chose to make herself available to be a leader at camp.

Well, on Tuesday evening, the Gospel was presented with a science experiment that made it crystal clear for all the campers to truly understand how God washes away our sins. This young man was one of the campers who finally understood and chose to give his life to Jesus and follow Him all the days of his life. This mom was blown away by the chance she had to not only know that the little one she has poured into for so long gave his life to Christ, but that God allowed her to be present in that moment and have the opportunity to pray with him right there!

When we say yes to God, we never know what He has in store for us and what a privilege it is to get to help our boys and girls find and follow Jesus. When we remain faithful to the Word and intentional in sharing it with those around us we get to see God do some amazing things with our offerings.

Amidst the cooler temperatures and the rain, God was glorified and more boys and girls will be in Heaven someday because of the privilege of getting to share a week together at camp. Thank you for lifting us up while we were away and thank you for prioritizing camp ministry. What a privilege it is to serve the Lord in this way.