EMPOWERED into a New Way of Living
Pastor Jim Amandus

Everyone imagines what it would be like to have super powers. However, there’s a difference between our imagination and God’s invitation to experience His supernatural power and presence. Some of the least considered biblical truth about the Holy Spirit holds out the greatest power to believers seeking a new way of living. We have begun a new series in our weekend services called EMPOWERED. This series will show how you too can live out God’s new way of EMPOWERED living.

We all know people who claim to know Jesus but live like the devil. And most of us probably know someone who lived like the devil until they met Jesus. Maybe like me you might even say, “That was me!” Jesus has supernaturally created in us new desires for holiness with new capacity for spiritual power. How can we experience this deeper spiritual reality? Jesus explains how to remove the roadblocks we create and to embrace the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in us.

One of the roadblocks I had in my life was my past. I had created some patterns that haunted me. Does that feel similar to you? My past memories became my greatest present obstacles. Like bricks in a wall, my past memories were mortared together by guilt, self loathing, and shame. The Holy Spirit set me free from my guilt and shame. I have been able to bless the tragedies in my past and that is my hope for you too.

Do you know someone who is seeking a new way of living? Bring them with you this weekend. The Holy Spirit’s presence and power is available today.