Pastor-Jay---vision-message-(for-web)At the beginning of the new year, I shared my heart and hopes for our “next steps” at the Kent campus. There are a few words that God has laid on my heart for our campus. They are engage, equip, and empower. I preached on how we see these words in Acts 2:42-47 when the church began. (The audio message is available at our website on the Kent campus page. Click here,, and scroll down on the right side.)

Although all these words (engage, equip, empower) are important, my desire is that our campus would primarily focus on “engage” this year. I long for us to actively pursue and engage God first and foremost. I truly believe that when we pursue Him we’ll encounter Him in life altering ways. Once we encounter Him I believe we’ll naturally begin to engage those that God has placed around us. Why? Because He’s conforming us to be more like Him…a pursuer of people! I think there are several reasons this is the case, but one is that God is calling us to actively pursue and engage people because He longs for us to create a contagious community that will connect people to people and people to Christ. God engages people! He’s the hound of heaven that moves toward people and He wants His people to do the same…so that others can encounter and be transformed by the living God.

I have been so encouraged by the response of our campus. We have seen record highs in our adult class attendance. I’m excited to see our people eager to engage God and be equipped to do His service. People are taking steps of faith to engage and connect with people at our campus. We also had 24 people sign up for the campus dinner party that we do every month. In addition, approximately 25 women signed up for the Women’s Bible Study that meets mid-week because they see the importance of connecting and engaging with one another – Pastor Jay