God Plans the End and the Means | Pastor Jay

As we continue in our “Standing Strong—Living Ready” series, specifically our journey into Daniel, I am constantly reminded of the precision and faithfulness of God. I’m continually encouraged to see God’s provision and faithfulness in the lives of His people. And yet if I’m honest, I can easily doubt God’s provision and faithfulness in my personal life and ministry. I’m so thankful for God’s patience toward me and how He continues to show Himself to be “the same, yesterday, today and forever.”

A few months ago, our family met a family that recently moved into our neighborhood. Our kids connected with their children and as a result of that relationship they came to church and Awana. A few months later, the parents asked if they could come to church as well. This was quite surprising to Jen and me, not because we hadn’t connected with them but because we knew it would be a challenge for them to connect with others at our campus due to their hearing impairment. They would need an ASL translator and we didn’t have one. However, God was clearly stirring in their hearts and for several weeks they would attend without an interpreter. I’d print off the sermon manuscript and they would follow along with my script. Too be honest, during these several weeks I was growing discouraged because I wasn’t able to find an interpreter. But why should I doubt? Has God ever failed to provide? He hasn’t. A little over a month ago, Loretta Watanabe (an ASL teacher at Kentridge High School) emailed me and said she’d loved to translate at one of our services. Our God is faithful and is sovereign over all things. God clearly knows the end from the beginning, but He’s also taking care of all the details in between. “He who calls us is faithful, he will surely do it.”

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