Ginny Brenden

Our God is full of grace. It’s His love that is poured out to us every moment of every day. But His grace always involves action. This year, our family experienced God’s grace in practical ways, as He used people who literally become the hands and feet of Jesus.

Leanna is our 34 year-old, special needs daughter. Over the past year, we watched her anxiety disorder slowly decline, until last spring when she had an emotional breakdown. She was admitted to ER with the hopes of finding acute medicinal management, most likely requiring a 1-2 month stay at an appropriate facility. But the process ended up at a dead end. We were told to take Leanna home, with no medical or medicinal help. However, there was a plan in process to permanently place her in a supportive living home.

We struggled between the need for help, the pain of letting go, and the deep concern that a change like that could break Leanna. And yet, in the midst of this, God proved Himself to be faithful. Our HCC family surrounded us with care and support.

Small group members, Precept ladies, and friends became God’s grace in action toward us. They prayed faithfully and fervently for us, that God would give us wisdom, strength, and peace in this the midst of this difficult time. It was their simple expressions of love that got us through. They listened often and let us cry. They hugged us; they hugged Leanna. They called, sent emails, texts and cards, reminding us that they were praying and always saying that they cared. Friends walked with me, cried with me, and made me laugh. They brought meals and offered to help take care of Leanna so I could have a break, and even gave Barry and me a much needed date.

God is answering their prayers. Leanna’s anxiety level is stabilizing. We have good medical help, and a plan to move her out. We are taking small steps to help make a transition in a year or two. We know this will be a difficult decision, but we also know that God will open the right doors at the right time. When that time comes, we know our HCC family will continue to be God’s grace in action. They will pray and they will continue to support and care for us. We are blessed.