During our recent mission trip to SE Asia I became acutely aware of the significant impact that the HCC congregation was having on the people we were meeting. The first way was through the Hm Bibles that HCC helped pay to have printed. We made three trips into closed countries with these Bibles, safely delivering almost 1000 to believers there. On one run we met 16 Hm pastors training in an underground seminary. We were given the privilege of handing Bibles to them to take back to their villages. What an honor!! We later carried Hm hymnals, which HCC also paid to print, into four very isolated Hm villages. Some of these people had never met a (white person) before. And yet in each village they presented a special church service to thank us for our visit. We learned that these were the first hymnals that they had ever seen. And in each case the recipients gathered and sang us a hymn of thanks from their new books (See video). It was a very moving experience, as we later learned that these people value their song books only slightly less than their Bibles. Singing is that much a part of their life of faith.

Finally we delivered the prayer cards that HCC members filled out during last year’s World Outreach Conference. In each service we handed out one of these cards, which had been translated into Vietnamese, to the heads of households in the congregation. They were moved to learn that believers a half a world away were praying for them. As all of this transpired, I came to realize that our congregation was deeply involved in touching these brothers and sisters who you will never meet, but will gather with in eternity. Thank you for your faithful actions which are blessing people in SE Asia.

– Ron Dick