As we continue in this important time of transition before us at Highlands Kent, please pray that we would be diligent to trust Jesus in the unknown and uncomfortable. As we have seen in the life of Joseph these past two weeks, God used the unexpected and unwanted circumstances of life to bring about His good will, the saving of many lives (Genesis 50:20). Please also pray that we would discern God’s good will with the work before us and continue to take steps of faith to increasingly help people find and follow Jesus. Please pray for the following items.

We are processing candidates for the campus pastor position! We are looking for an experienced pastor who will join our Highlands pastoral team. Pray for God to be preparing the heart of this individual and us as a church family.

We are utilizing Colliers International Group Inc., a world class and vastly experienced real-estate company who understands churches. They are helping us assess our current resources and possible future strategies. Please pray for wisdom as the elders and staff evaluate the input.

Over the last two months new people have been coming to join us in worship! Please pray that we would welcome them well and help them become part of our church family. Pray that we would see new ways that each of us can bring the hope and healing of the gospel to our broken world.

For more information, please see our Highlands Kent transition landing page.