Not only had Marcus and Andrea’s home flooded, destroying their possessions- their marriage was starting to succumb to the pressures and unknowns. Having lost just about everything, and struggling to come to terms with how to move forward, they turned to their church family- and received not only the practical support, but the spiritual care and healing they desperately needed.

We have felt God’s love...we are beloved, and we are rescued - Marcus Barnes, Hurricane Harvey survivor.

We don’t always get to see the full impact of generosity. Often, we don’t get to see or know the stories at all. But other times, we catch a glimpse- and these moments are a true blessing from God!

It’s been just over a year now since Hurricane Harvey devastated the greater Houston area. Homes were destroyed, over 100 lives were lost, and thousands, like the Barnes family, were left wondering if life could ever be the same. And with the world watching, the global Church sprang into action. Because of your faithful generosity, Highlands was able to be part of the response, sending an initial gift of $25,000. And then- having heard what families were experiencing in Houston, kids at Highlands saved their coins and dollars and raised an incredible $13,500 towards additional relief. All these funds were used to partner with local Houston area churches, to not only provide aid for those impacted, but to share the good news of Jesus.

Now just over a year later, we have the privilege of celebrating what God has done through one of our partner churches in Houston, Ecclesia. Marcus and Andrea's family represent so many others who were touched by your faithful generosity. Watch as Pastor Chris shares stories of how your faithful giving has brought hope and light to a devastated city: