How Convicted Am I?
Pastor Jay Haugh

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a leadership conference in Nashville, TN with five other Highlands staff members. I feel blessed to be a part of a church that has the resources to send staff to a conference like this, and fortunate to be a part of a church that wants to equip their staff with the necessary skills needed to develop the next generation of leaders.

There are numerous things I took away from the conference but I want to share at least one “nugget” that resonated with me and that may with you. There was a recognition that every organization (not just churches) tends to struggle when it comes to human development. Most organizations have a compelling vision and clear strategies, but there is a constant battle in developing individuals to carry out the vision and strategies. In order for this culture to change within an organization or a church, there must be a strong conviction in this area. It’s easy for a church or organization to say they value human development, but it’s another to say we have a strong conviction to disciple and develop our people. Pastor Eric Geiger used a powerful example to illustrate his point. There are many churches that have a conviction to preach the Word of God. I couldn’t fathom doing ministry without preaching and proclaiming God’s Word. Why? Because I have a strong conviction of what it can accomplish. Do I have that type of conviction when it comes to discipleship and training up others?

There is a tendency or temptation for all leaders to build a system around themselves and for themselves. We do this because we tend to think that we’re the only ones capable of leading and/or because it shows others that we’re needed. We all want to feel valuable and needed. Yet, God is calling all His followers to equip those around and behind us. May God continue to give Highlands a strong conviction to disciple and develop others—our children, students, and adults.