High School Winter Retreat | Spirit-filled start to 2019!
Nathan Abbott

High School Winter Retreat was such a blessed time this year! In total, there were 140 high school students and leaders that got to enjoy the weekend together. We retreated to the Chalet at Mt. Baker, a location boasting some of the most breathtaking statements of God’s creative power in the Pacific Northwest. What better way to learn of the greatness of God than with the summit of a sunlit mountain just off our back porch?

The Lord worked in mighty ways during this retreat. Looking back on the weekend, I can say it was one of the greatest and most Spirit-filled retreats I have ever been a part of. Former Highlands High School pastor, Nate Edmonson taught from John 2 about how Jesus offers His people new power, new purification, and a new party through Him. I was privileged to see the gospel click for students in a new way. Students made decisions to confess and surrender their old ways, and chose instead to pursue a life of Jesus.

After inviting in the new year with a legendary party, the students circled up and consecrated the year of 2019 in the name of the Lord. We remembered God’s grace in our lives by taking communion together, and with arms lifted high, we praised God boldly, loudly, in spirit and in truth. These were the first things the students did in 2019, and I am confident that we will continue to see new power from Heaven rise up in these students as they prepare for the new party of Heaven.

All of us that attended this amazing retreat would like to thank you for praying! Thank you for supporting our team and our students through camp. Thank you for giving. Thank you for allowing these students and leaders to get to experience a glimmer of Heaven at High School Winter Retreat.