Highlands Campus and Teaching Pastor Search Update

We greatly appreciate your continued prayers for the Campus & Teaching Pastor search. We have been working with a search firm called Slingshot Group to bring us qualified candidates. This search started with us being communicated to regularly and candidates presented, but over time the particular consultant assigned to us was not successful in delivering new candidates in a timely fashion and stopped all communication completely. With our feedback and that of other churches experiencing the same thing, Slingshot has terminated this particular consultant.

Over the past year we have launched and completed other searches, and Slingshot agrees that it is not Highlands or available candidates that are the issue, but that it was a failure of the consultant. We are sharing this with you at Slingshot’s recommendation and to communicate their commitment to making this right. We have worked with them on other searches and they have done excellent work. They are assigning a new consultant with the expectation of immediately delivering candidates.

We want you to know the high value and priority that is placed on this search and on Highlands Kent, even though the search has taken much longer than anticipated. We are committed to bringing on the right pastor that God will provide, and once again deeply value your prayers as we trust in His provision!


SEARCH Timeline

The purpose of this timeline is to give you an overview of where we are at in the search process. Feel free to check back on this page as the search process continues and we update the timeline below!


What qualities are we looking for in our next Highlands Kent Campus & Teaching Pastor?
We are looking for a leader of leaders who loves Jesus and is passionate about sharing the hope and healing of the gospel in the city of Kent and beyond. We are looking for a great communicator with strong pastoral experience, and the ability to continue the rich tradition of live preaching at Highlands Kent.

Who is leading the search process?
Our Executive Pastor Nick Dalgardno will be leading the search alongside our Lead Pastor Jesse Campbell. Pastor Nick was part of the staff team who planned, launched, and has been a part of the ongoing leadership at Highlands Kent. We are partnering with a Christian search firm and along the way will be gathering critical input from our staff and lay leadership at Highlands Kent.

What is the interim leadership plan at Kent?
Pastor Jim Munson is currently serving as our Transitional Campus Pastor at Highlands Kent! We are thankful for Pastor Jim's leadership, and are looking forward to what God has in store in the coming months.

History and Vision for Highlands Kent

As we enter this season of transition and look towards the future, it is valuable to be reminded of the history and vision for Highlands Kent. Whether you are new to Highlands or have been part of the ministry before the launch of our Kent location, we encourage you to take some time to read more about where we have been, and where we are headed!