JULY 2020

We are so blessed as a church family to have amazing kids ministry staff, teachers, coordinators and team members, who do an incredible job helping kids and families find and follow Jesus. We wanted to update you on what’s next for a few of our kids staff, as they transition to new seasons of ministry! 

First, Kelly Malueg (Nursery Director) is wrapping up her part time role with us on staff to focus on her role as an optometrist and spend more time with family and her new grand baby! We are so grateful for Kelly’s joyful service and excellence in this role, and are excited that Kelly will continue to serve with us as a team member!  

Second, after 11 years of faithful and impactful service on our team, Morri DeWitt will be likewise transitioning off of staff, as Pete retires and they move in late August to be close to family in Bellingham and fully embrace life as grandparentsMorri’s faithfulness and leadership in our kids ministry and at Highlands Kent has changed the lives of kids and families in incredible, beautiful ways. Her ministry will have a legacy of impact for years and years to come and in eternity. Well done good and faithful servant!  

As Morri transitions, wcould not be more excited to welcome Jennica Osborne back to our team as she steps in to lead our kids ministry at Highlands Kent! As most of you know, Jennica previously served for 7 years as our Elementary Director at Highlands Renton, and we are so blessed to have a gifted, capable, and creative leader like Jennica step into this role, who is passionate about helping kids and families find and follow Jesus. We are excited to see what God has in store next for Highlands as Jennica joins Judy, Susan, Kristen and our other Next Gen ministries staff in leading our ministries to kids and families.  

Kelly, Morri, and Jennica each took time to share a few thoughts and reflections with us as they enter this new season:

Kelly: It has been a joy and privilege serving on the HCC staff team as the Nursery Director for the past 10 years because of my passion for serving children and helping them grasp God’s love and plan for their lives at an early age. I will be stepping down from my staff role to pursue this same thing with my first grandson who just turned 4 months old. The friendships and lifelong lessons learned in my role here will be forever cherished and have helped me represent Jesus well to my non-believing friends and patients whom I interact with as an Optometrist. Hearing the beautiful stories of life change and active ways God is at work in our church family during weekly staff meetings was a distinct blessing that not everyone gets to experience. Highlands has exciting days ahead and I look forward to being a part of it by continuing to serve in kid’s ministry as a team member.

Morri: After listening to God confirm my calling to serve Him as the Kent Children’s Director when we launched our Highlands multisite in 2009, I got to have a verse painted on my new office wall. One verse…which verse from God’s Word would I chose? “Assemble the people—men, women and children…so they can listen and learn to fear the Lord your God and follow carefully all the words of this law.” This verse spoke to my heart’s desire for kids to hear God’s Word taught as they assembled to learn about His greatness and matchless love, to develop a reverential awe of Him and to see His beauty and glory is such a way that their lives would be changed. As I have served alongside the amazing Kids Team, I have seen God do “many wonders” (Psalm 40:3). Now as my husband Pete (AKA “secret servant”) retires, it is time for us to start a new chapter of life…to embrace our role as grandparents. To do that means a move to Bellingham in late August, close to family there. Oh, how I will miss Sundays…setting up then seeing the kids eagerly run toward the Kids Building at Kentridge! One thing that makes it easier to go is knowing that God has raised up a remarkable leader to pass the baton to. Jennica Osborne, who served the past 7 years as the Highlands Renton Elementary Director is a very gifted, highly capable young leader! A degree in Family Ministry, deep devotion to Jesus, a creative sharp mind, enthusiasm and great people skills are just a few of her strengths. Kids are drawn to her like a magnet. I believe the most fruitful years at Highlands are just ahead! I thank God for His kindness in giving my life purpose, for allowing me the honor, privilege and true joy of serving Him where I could see His faithfulness and glory magnified. Through prayer and in full dependence on God, He made the last 11+ years the best of my life.

Jennica: It has been a privilege to serve as Elementary Director at HCC these last 7 years. The team members, families and kids have become an extended family for us. As we transition into a new season for our family with the birth of our daughter, we are looking forward to this new role at Highlands Kent. Cameron and I are so excited for what God is doing at Highlands and we are looking forward to continuing to serve alongside wonderful people. I am thankful for Morri's leadership in Kent as she has led the Highlands Kids Team to create an incredible experience for families. I am looking forward to carrying that on and helping even more families and kids find and follow Jesus in Kent.

Please join us in expressing our deep gratitude and appreciation for these incredible leaders as well as for our entire kids staff team! We are a blessed church.