On November 20, the worship center was transformed with 33 beautifully decorated tables. Women from our Highlands family thoughtfully and creatively adorned each table with unique centerpieces in anticipation of a festive evening. Many women were able to invite friends and family members who don’t attend Highlands as well as connect with other Highlands women at the event. It was such a joy to see generations of women come together. Not many venues provide the opportunity for this kind of interaction where introductions and meaningful connections can be made.

It was such a blessing to have our talented students from the high school worship team lead us in worship throughout the event. We also had a volunteer team of 28 men and high school boys from Highlands as the doting wait staff. They joyfully served each dish with a smile.

Dinner was followed by our speakers, Lauri Amandus and Rebecca Kerin. The mother-daughter team shared a meaningful and relevant message about three gifts we all need this season, gratitude, peace and joy. We need gratitude for what Christ our Savior has done for us and for all we have to be thankful for. Peace comes from knowing whose we are and that He cares for us. Finally, we can have true joy because our relationship with our Heavenly Father is not based on what we can achieve or possess here on earth but instead on understanding the abundant life we can live while we are here on earth and the knowledge that someday we will be in His presence where there will no longer be sin, sorrow or suffering. Hallelujah!

Before all the shopping, before all the decorating, and before all the meal prep and wrapping, it was delightful for the 275+ ladies who gathered in preparation of Savoring the Season. Together we heard a message about the true meaning of this special time of year. Lights are lit because of Him. Songs are sung because of Him. Stores and homes are decorated because of Him. We do a lot of extra things this season, but when our hearts are focused on Him…we are able to savor them all.