Who are the people that God has brought into your life that have changed you? One of the greatest gifts God gives us is people who help us understand (Romans 12:2) and behave differently (Philippians 4:9). These life changers are people who help us see God and ourselves more accurately. They are people who encourage us to live more fully as we trust God more completely. They are people who help us understand how God has uniquely created us and what it means for us to faithfully serve Him.

For me, these life changing people have come in many different forms. Some have been people I have personally known (e.g. friends and mentors) while others have been people I’ve never met (e.g. authors and leaders). They have been people I’ve spent a great deal of time with as well as people I’ve interacted with only briefly. Some have repeatedly reiterated what is true in a way that helps me be faithful. Others have shared something only once that God used to change my perspective forever. These life changing people have been older than me and much younger. Some have been very similar to me while many have been very different than me.

Who are the life changing people God wants to use to continue His good work in and through your life? At HCC, there are many unique opportunities to interact with people who God might intend to be those life changers for you. Ask God to open your eyes and heart to who those people are. Ask God to open your heart to the wonderful life change He wants to bring about through your interactions with them.

Here are three opportunities to interact with some life changing people:
1. Come next weekend to hear how God is changing lives in Tajikistan
2. Attend the Discover My Ministry class
3. Spend some one-on-one time with a faithful follower of Jesus discussing where you feel God wants to bring change in your life.

Tom Dabasinskas
Adult Ministries Team Leader