Alan & Mary Lou Pomeroy

On July 25, 2020, an email arrived from Thirst No More, a Christian well drilling organization in Tanzania.  The message said, “We are beyond thrilled that we were able to drill a successful well in Inala.  God certainly answered everyone’s prayers and the village is ecstatic.”  This is the story of how God used Highlands Community Church to enlarge His Kingdom in Tanzania with clean water.

The story of the wells began in 2010. Highlands initially sent a team to do survey work in the field and later sent additional workers, including Tim and Cathy Bong, to expand God’s kingdom by reaching the Nyamwezi people around Tabora, Tanzania. Highlands recognized not only the spiritual needs of the people but also the physical need for good drinking water. Water was difficult to obtain especially in the dry season, and the successful drilling of wells would provide needed water for cooking and drinking while reducing the distance people needed to travel for water.  Through the generous contributions of Highlands’ congregation, the Living Water Fund was established to supply funding for Thirst No More to drill wells and to meet some of the need for water in Tanzania.

Bishop Silas from the Africa Inland Mission Church was appreciative of the funds to provide wells, but suggested that supplying water without the spiritual community development was the wrong direction to take in helping the people. He was adamant that wells should not be placed until spiritual relationships are established with the village leaders through friendships, Bible study, and plans for church growth. He cited several cases where water projects by charitable organizations were unsustainable because the organizations left after placing the wells, leaving it to the villagers to figure out how to use and maintain them.

As the teams working in the villages became established and the new community churches started to develop, the first two shallow wells in Inala and a deep well in Itulu, were drilled in the spring of 2017. Then in 2018, Highlands partnered with Foothills Church in Colorado Springs to drill three wells in Mibono.

Thirst No More did a water survey in the Inala village while Tim Bong and Alan Pomeroy were there from Highlands in February 2020. This region was believed to have no water, and news of the successful drilling of an 80 meter deep well in July 2020 was a blessing to the community and an answer to prayer. Highlands provided the remaining funds in the Living Water Fund to complete this well.

Today, Highlands supports two national pastors in Tanzania, Elikana Lutonja and Benedictor Nzolezi, who serve the people in Itulu, Inala, and Kabumbuli.  Gatherings range from small weekly Bible studies to church communities. Thank you, Highlands Community Church, for your generous giving and faithful prayers, and for sending people to support the work God is doing to expand His kingdom in Tanzania.