We are excited to introduce to you two new Highlands Community Church missionaries, Elikana Lutonja and Benedictor Nsolezi! They pastor the Nyamwezi people in villages around the town of Tabora, Tanzania.  These two men work under the leadership of Africa Inland Church, Tanzania (AICT), and Bishop Silas Kezakubi. 

When HCC missionaries, Tim and Cathy Bong left their work in Tanzania due to health concerns, AICT assigned Pastor Lutonja to continue the work they had started.  He is experienced in working among the Muslin community after being an evangelist for five years at Usinge.  He lived in the village and was respected by the Muslim leaders.  He currently lives in Inala and has completed four years of Biblical studies.  He does evangelistic work in Itulu and Inala doing visitations and weekly Discovery Bible Study meetings.  He is married and has five children in his family (his sister is shown on the right). 

Highlands purchased a motorcycle for Pastor Lutonja in July 2019.  This has reduced his commute time between the villages and Tabora as he works to share the gospel with the unreached Nyamwezi people.   

Benedictor Nsolezi has been assigned to build a congregation in the village of Kabumbuli, 60 kilometers from Tabora.  There is no church, mosque, or school in the village. He officially becomes a Highlands missionary in April 2020, but already began his work in November 2019.  He was a leader of a Nyamwezi congregation in Ibambo and helped develop leaders to care for the congregation before beginning his work in Kabumbuli.  Pastor Benedictor is Nyamwezi and works exclusively with this unreached people group.  He is married with three children living with him.  He also has three adult children.   

In February, Highlands purchased motorcycle for Pastor Benedictor Nsolezi to reduce the three hour commute to the village of Kabumbuli for Sunday services and Wednesday prayers and visitations.   

Tim Bong and Alan Pomeroy participated in the dedication of the motorcycle at the African Inland Church that meets in Tabora while visiting the missionaries in February.  During the dedication, the church started and idled the motorcycle.  Bishop Silas commented that they would not want to dedicate the motorcycle if it didn’t run! Bishop Silas is in the center of the photo.  

Bishop Silas wrote, “Praise God!  Praise God!  What else can I say.  God is so good.  He loves the Nyamwezi.  My heart is filled with joy that the Body of Christ will begin and grow at Kabumbuli.  Please give my most heartfelt gratitude to the Missions Committee and to Highlands Community Church.”