The men’s breakfast on Saturday March 5 was a successful event in many ways. Over 100 men attended. We all enjoyed a great breakfast thanks to John Morgan and his crew. Brian Morris shared how often our external scars are proof of our manhood. What hurts most though are the internal scars that we all carry around.

Tim Pierson, one of Brian’s friends, is one of the premier make-up and special effects master artists in the Northwest. As the men ate their breakfast, on stage Tim transformed Brian into the walking dead…complete with scars, blood and other special, undead effects. It was pretty amazing how real they looked! Brian then took the podium to share how his internal scars almost took his life. He introduced his subject by sharing that since the dawn of time men have used their external scars as bragging rights to battles won, enemies defeated and epic conquests. As men, we brag about the scars on the outside but we shy away from talking about the scars of the heart. Today we are also in a spiritual battle, and our weapons are not battle axes, spears or shields. While not visible to the naked eye, the toll of this battle still produces scars, deep set hurts and pains of the heart and soul. These can last a lifetime and if not treated and cared for, limit our usefulness on the battlefield.

Brain shared about King David’s life and his moral failures, his lust for Bathsheba, adultery, lies and murder. Then there were the consequences, the death of his child. Do you think David had scars on his heart and soul? You know he did and God loved him in spite of his sin. Brian encouraged us to walk alongside those who are hurting and crawl down into the dark pit with them and listen, pray and encourage them.

Since then, many men have come forward to share their hurts and struggles with Brian and others. Please continue to pray for the men of Highlands as God is doing an amazing work among them by bringing inner healing.