Highlands Men

We desire to see men of all ages captured by the vision of seeing our world changed by Jesus through the impact of the local church. In addition to weekly Sunday worship and serving throughout Highlands we have several unique opportunities specifically for men that are highlighted here.

Small groups
Highlands is based on small groups that facilitate biblical discussion and spiritual friendship. For more information on groups at Highlands you can visit our small groups page.

Other Opportunities
There are also seasonal studies, men’s breakfast’s and other events that will be highlighted here and on our church wide calendar.

Men’s Breakfast
Saturday, February 13  |  8:30 AM  |  Via Zoom
Guest Speaker: Russ De Vos
Don’t Waste Your Failure!

Many people see failure as fatal, as a “scarlet letter” that knocks you out of the battle and demotes you permanently from Varsity to JV, to the practice squad, or even to the bench. This was certainly true of Russ. But the exact opposite is true! Your failure is NOT fatal OR final!! It is often the very thing that prepares and equips you to fulfill your God-given Mission! Believe it or not, your failure is a powerful gift!

Russ De Vos

CEO with Catalyst Coaching
Spiritual and personal growth coach to men who desire fire in their spiritual lives and focus in their personal lives
Russ is the proud husband of Heather, and the father of Sam (22), Hannah (daughter-in-law, 22), Lily (20) and Simon (19). Russ was the founding pastor of Oasis Church, in Bend, Oregon, a church plant in 2004 that grew from 17 to over 1500 people in 3 years. Much of his story flows out of this experience. He is a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with both The John Maxwell Team and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), and founded The Catalyst Coaching in 2018 to work with men who are struggling like he has. He currently resides in Shoreline, WA.

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Men’s Study: Jesus, I’m Begging You. Please Help.
Video series by Patrick Morley Founder and Executive Chairman for Man in the Mirror Ministries
Saturdays at 8:30 AM  |  Via Zoom
Tuesdays at 7:00 PM    |  Via Zoom
For Saturday, contact John Camerer at johncamerer@maninthemirror.org to receive your zoom link
For Tuesday, contact Rich Murdy at richmurdy@yahoo.com to receive your zoom link

What area of your life is so desperate that you have nowhere else to turn? Join us as we look at a man so desperate that he literally BEGGED Jesus for help when his son was dying. And Jesus did help him. What is the “death” you are facing? Do you believe—really believe—that Jesus can bring healing to your desperate situation? Join Patrick Morley to rehabilitate your “theology of prayer.” Learn why and how you can release enough faith to take Jesus at his word.