Barry Brenden

This Easter, we witnessed incredible, life-changing testimonies as 28 children, students, and adults publically demonstrated their decisions to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord by being baptized. No one is too young or too old to get started in their walk with Jesus. To God be the glory! The stories of life change on display showed how Jesus heals and restores hope—whether you are young or old, married or single. Jesus is changing people one at a time! And the Spirit of God is transforming families. Here are just a few examples of God’s transforming power at work in people’s lives:

While recovering from surgery this past year, I had a powerful vision in which God communicated His love and purposes for me. This has really refocused me in my relationship with God and the things that are important in my life. Now I am enjoying time with Jesus in the morning and being a spiritual encouragement to the rest of my family.

His son, also being baptized, shared this:
I am an 8th grader who enjoys soccer, math, and fixing up cars. When I was young, my grandpa took me to Sunday School. However, he eventually stopped going to church and then so did I. Recently, my dad started to share about Jesus with me. I have now decided to commit my life to God and am enjoying learning more about Him through listening to the Bible on my phone.

I am eight years old and in the third grade. My family has been at Highlands for a little over a year. I decided to follow Jesus when I was about five years old and want to continue to be obedient and be baptized today to show everyone I love Jesus.

I began to attend HCC and Moms ‘N’ Tots at the encouragement of my friend. It was there that I began to understand the life-changing opportunity to have a relationship with God. I trusted Jesus as my Savior and Lord and am so thankful for the change it has made in my life, marriage, and family.

I am seven years old and in the second grade. I am being baptized today because I believe Jesus sacrificed Himself so that we can live. I want to show other people that I love Jesus and want to follow Him. I am involved in KidsQuest and love memorizing Awana verses.

When I was little my grandpa took me to Sunday School. Eventually soccer games became more important and I stopped going to church. However, my dad has encouraged me to place my trust in Christ. As I have trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior I now have found hope and motivation for my life.

After being invited to Highlands, I attended the Adult Bible Brunch class where I heard Steve Leider share his story of serving in Vietnam, in exactly the same region, in exactly the same battalion that I did. Steve shared his story of how Jesus makes all the difference and what happened when Jesus came into his life. I was really encouraged in my faith and have received Christ as my Savior and say now, “It’s only by God’s grace.”

Recently I answered an ad to give in home caregiving for a couple who are long time members of Highlands. They invited me and my husband to church and their small group. Later, they asked me if I’d ever prayed the sinner’s prayer. I didn’t know what that was, so I went home and looked it up online. When I returned to the HCC member’s home, I bowed my head and invited Jesus Christ into my life as my personal Lord and Savior. It’s a gift! Almost too good to be true!

A few years ago at Upward Basketball I checked a box on a little blue card that said, “I am ready to accept Jesus in my heart.” I didn’t exactly know what that meant until I was pulled aside during a practice and said a prayer that I will never regret, and asked Jesus to come into my heart. As I grew older, I grew deeper in my faith and love for God. I am being baptized today because this is my way of telling everyone how much He means to me. I don’t know how I could live in a world without Jesus.

It wasn’t until high school that my tennis coach, who attends here at HCC, encouraged me to attend Campus Crusade’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Then in the college dorm at the UW, I became friends with some guys who invited me to a weekly Christian coffeehouse called “The Inn.” It was there I prayed and asked Christ to come into my life. Afterwards, I remember a new kind of joy and exhilaration. Since then there have been ups and downs in my Christian life, but now I’m growing in my relationship with Jesus since I started attending Highland ‘s Men of Faith groups and serving in Upward Basketball.

These are real stories from real people about a real God! God is at work at Highlands! Perhaps you’re new to Highlands and/or a new believer in Christ, and you’ve never been baptized as a believer. It’s never too late! Take that step now. Jesus commanded us, “…make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit...” (Matthew 28:19). To sign up for baptism, simply indicate your desire on the Connect Card in the weekly bulletin, or contact us on our website.