At Highlands one of our core values is to develop and champion the next generation of ministry leaders. Our current sermon series in the book of 2nd Timothy is entitled Multiply: Building Godly Next Generation Leaders. As we go through the series, you'll get to hear from just a few of the Next Gen leaders who are making a difference for Jesus in various roles, locally here at HCC and in ministries across the world!


Ministry area that you lead at Highlands: 
Elementary (Renton Campus)

What are some things you get to do as part of your role on staff?
I have a variety of hats I wear so every day looks a little different from the day before. I get to support the Elementary Team with curriculum and creative ways to engage kids in each of our environments: KidsQuest, Awana, Upward, and Elementary Camp. I get to serve alongside an amazing team of leaders who love God and want to invest in the next generation and who challenge me to want to be a better leader.

What do you enjoy about serving on our staff team & leading in ministry?
What makes it meaningful to you?

When I first moved here in 2013, I didn't know anyone and the HCC staff has quickly become a second family for me. What makes my job meaningful is when I get to see kids really begin understanding who God is and how much He loves them. When that lightbulb goes off, it reminds me and each of our leaders that what we do really does matter!

How has Highlands helped build into you as a ministry leader?
Highlands has invested in me as a leader by giving me more responsibility and pushing me out of my comfort zone. We all like to stay in our level of comfort because it usually is an easier and safer place to stay. Since being at Highlands, I have been stretched beyond what I thought I could handle and have been reminded time and time again that it isn't me - it's God at work in me growing me to be a stronger leader.

Name one or two ways that you desire to see the church make an impact on our community & beyond:
In a broken world with so much hurt and confusion, I would love to see the church be a place for kids and families to feel known and cared for. A place to breathe hope and encouragement to parents who really need it. And I desire the church to be a place where every kid senses God's presence and finds His love for them irresistible.

Share a verse or scripture passage that is significant to you:
I went on a Mission Trip to Mexico in High School. We were challenged to memorize Philippians 2:1-11 - it was on that trip that I felt God confirming in my heart that I wanted to be in ministry someday. This passage stretched my understanding of what it looks like to serve and love people well.

Bonus question: what do you enjoy doing outside of ministry? (i.e. if you had an hour of free might you use it?)
On a day off you will often find me with a cup of coffee and a book in my hands. Or you'll find my husband, Cameron and I playing board games, watching baseball or playing with our kittens: Cody and Callie. We often like to just take drives - road trips are on our 'favorite things to do' list.