At Highlands one of our core values is to develop and champion the next generation of ministry leaders. Our current sermon series in the book of 2nd Timothy is entitled Multiply: Building Godly Next Generation Leaders. As we go through the series, we'll be introducing just a few of the Next Gen leaders who are making a difference for Jesus in various roles, locally here at HCC and in ministries across the world!


Ministry that you serve and lead in: 
University Christian Ministries

Ministry location: 
Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA

What are some things you get to do as part of serving in your ministry?
For 15 years now, my husband Geoff and I have had the privilege of training and sending college students, post-graduate interns, and campus missionary staff. My particular emphasis the last 10 years has been in giving shape and oversight to our internship program, which equips and sends campus missionaries all over the country and the world.

What do you enjoy about serving and leading?
What makes it meaningful to you?

I love the stage of life that young people are in. It was personally one of the most formative seasons of my life! College students and interns who are fresh out of college often have open hands, malleable worldviews, and soft hearts to how the Lord would shape them and send them. If life is like orange juice, this age group is is like orange juice concentrate. So much shaping potential is packed into a short few years!

How has Highlands helped support you or build into you as a ministry leader over the years?
I came to Highlands when I was just a baby! My whole childhood - and especially into junior high and high school - was marked by intentional discipleship. Several people pastorally invested in me (Chris Renzelman, Mike Trillo, Bonnie Avolio, and regularly championed by Jim Amandus), and I was part of the same discipleship group all throughout high school. What a gift. In the context of this vibrant, missional, intentional community, I grew in my knowledge of the Word, my intimacy with Jesus, and my sense of participating in God's mission in the world. Highlands equipped me as a young believer to orient my life around the mission of Jesus, and that orientation planted the seeds for college ministry as a long-term vocation. Every since I became a campus missionary, Highlands has consistely come alongside me spiritually and financially. I am grateful.

How can we follow what you are doing in ministry? (i.e. blog or email list)
We send out monthly e-newsletters updating people on how they can pray and support our ministry.

Share a verse or Scripture passage that is significant to you:
When I first came to Western as a freshman, I didn't want to be here. I thought only Christians could be found at a Christian college, not a public university. I came reluctantly, and was floored when - while moving my things on that first day - Christians greeted me and invited me into community. And the shaping that happened in my life during those unexpectedly fruitful years is marked by this verse: Psalm 126:6; Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them."

Bonus question: What do you enjoy doing outside of ministry? (i.e. If you had an hour of free might you use it?)
I enjoy running, playing soccer, hiking, reading, finding sweet deals at garage sales, and spending time with my wonderful husband and hilarious kids.