Alex Belev

Dear friends from HCC,
Our short-term missionary trip to Central Asia ended successfully. Thank you so much for your prayers, words of encouragement and support. We drove through Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. God has made it possible to minister to hundreds of Christians through training, instruction and mentoring. Most of them are young people who have made the decision to follow Jesus despite Muslim pressure.

We really felt your prayers, it was necessary. In Central Asia, many things are still working at the level of the “Middle Ages”. At first, they did not want to let us into Tajikistan (We crossed the border on foot from Uzbekistan), and then they did not want to let us out of Tajikistan. In the end, everything ended well, but there were tense moments.
The most memorable moment happened in the north of Tajikistan, on the border with Kyrgyzstan. Together with several students of the School Without Walls, we went to the small village of Shurab to distribute hot meals to children. We were amazed at the level of poverty and devastation. Children stuck around the minibus with food and stood in line for a plate of pilaf. After such meetings, you begin to appreciate everything that you have.

Once again, thanks for the prayers and support. Continue to be with us in prayer for expanding our scope for service and for resolving the issue of buying a car.

While I was writing this short report, the International Meeting of School Without Walls coordinators began in Chisinau, which brought together 45 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Israel and Kazakhstan. I am very happy to host this team of ministers in my homeland. Then, when the world froze in the conditions of the escalation of the conflict on the borders of Ukraine and Russia, we gathered together to pray and understand how we can serve in the Eurasia region, where changes are constantly taking place – political, economic, military and religious.
Pray for us.