We recently celebrated Pastor Nick Dalgardno’s 15th anniversary as part of our staff team at Highlands! We are so grateful for Nick, Johannah, and their family! Nick took a few minutes to share reflections looking back on 15 years of serving at HCC.

What do you enjoy about serving on staff and leading at Highlands as our Executive Pastor? What makes it meaningful?
Knowing each day that what I do has eternal impact motivates and gives me great satisfaction in what I do. The people on staff are a lot of fun to work alongside. The staff cares deeply for my family and me, and it is in that supportive environment that amazing things take place.

What has encouraged and motivated you to serve faithfully over 15 years of ministry?
I have rarely had a year where things stayed the same. Over the years I have had multiple different jobs, projects and opportunities to lead throughout the church. I have been stretched, grown and discipled. It has been the empowerment to lead that has encouraged me and it has been the honest feedback that keeps me motivated to serve. Highlands is an incredible gathering of people with a heart to reach out. I want to be in a place that takes risks, prays big prayers, and sees people come to saving faith in Jesus!

As part of our preaching team, what do you enjoy about studying and sharing God’s Word? What inspires you?
I find with many of the sermons I prepare for that only a small amount of what I study actually ends up being preached. It is the rich time in God’s Word, prayer and study that I find continually deepens my own trust, faith and love for Jesus. I am continually in awe of how God chooses to use us to see people transformed from death to life. It is my greatest honor to have a front row seat to how God’s Spirit uses His Word to convict, heal and encourage hearts.

Having begun your ministry as a young leader at Highlands, how have you benefited from the culture of leadership development at Highlands? How do you see Highlands continuing to raise up leaders, and what does it mean to you, to now be part of that?
There is a willingness to take risks on people, to believe the best in others and then invest in leaders. I have greatly benefited from one on one coaching, conferences, books, study groups, and many other opportunities. This culture is what keeps me excited to believe that Highlands best days are still ahead. I find it a great joy now to call out potential in others, see them develop, and then pass along leadership to those younger and see them run. God is faithful!

Tell us about your family. What do you appreciate about serving together and raising your family at Highlands?
We are called as a family to open our home, reach our neighbors and invest in the church. I love that my wife, Johannah, and I are on the same page about ministry, church and investing our lives into our local community. This summer we celebrate our 10th anniversary and are convinced God’s greatest days for us in ministry together are ahead!

Outside of ministry life, what are some things you enjoy?
Anything that involves food, sun or the outdoors tends to be at the top of our list.

Share a verse or passage of Scripture that is especially meaningful to you:
Psalm 100 is a chapter that is especially meaningful to me since it is the passage we prayed nightly over our daughter before she was born and then nearly every night for her first year. We continually come back to it as a family and especially highlight the final verse, “For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.” We believe that, pray that for our kids and fully believe that as we consider future generations. God has been, is and will continue to be faithful!