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Depending upon your current financial status, you will need different tools. Utilize the above to select what will help you the most. For additional information or input, contact Scott Kaseburg:

Giving Plan Worksheet
This is a self-evaluation tool to prayerfully seek how the Lord may be challenging you in the area of generosity. Download the Giving Planning Worksheet

Budget Worksheet
Are you spending more than you are earning? Are you finding that you can’t save for retirement? Are you struggling to live on a fixed income? Download and save this Excel worksheet to help you establish a plan. Then track expenses to your plan and re-adjust the plan. Download the Budget Worksheet

HCC Financial Advisors
Please contact Pastor Barry Brenden at for more information.

Financial Peace Small Groups
Achieve financial peace by eliminating debt! Learn how to take control of your finances and save for your future. Former participants have described this course as life changing. Nine-week small groups are forming now; membership kits are $95 per family. Contact Pastor Barry Brenden to sign up or for more information at

Budget & Mortgage Workshops
Saddleback has some excellent resources at See the videos in the center of the page; there is also a workshop booklet that can be downloaded for the mortgage workshop.

Crown Financial Seminars
Under consideration

Journey of Generosity
These are peer-to-peer invitations to gather as a group of 12 to 20 people in a host’s home for a Friday afternoon through Saturday noon to challenge each other in living generous lives before the Lord.

Estate Planning
Estate planning may be the single largest act of stewardship that most of us as Christians will ever perform. PhilanthroCorp is a service provided to members and attendees of HCC without charge. See LegacyLinc

National Christian Foundation
Utilized by a number of people at HCC, this non-profit enables one to establish Foundations and Donor Advised Funds. It works especially well for a business owner to make pre-tax charitable donations and have distributions over time. Instead of selling securities oneself, paying required taxes, then making a donation, an individual can donate the entire stock and advise distributions to multiple non-profits over time.