John Petit, Africa Regional Director

Thanks to your generous giving, thousands of people in Tanzania will be able to hear the Bible in their heart language! The apostle Paul writes in Romans 10:17, “So faith comes from what is heard, what is heard comes through the message about Christ.” This truth has prompted Christian organizations to send out audio versions of the Bible for distribution among some of the least reached people groups.

Highlands has partnered with Foothills Bible Church, to serve the least-reached people group who live in Tanzania. HCC’s Tim and Cathy Bong and Foothills’ Scott and Cassie Bostick are working in several village communities developing relationships and sharing the gospel. Many are illiterate which contributes to limited understanding and acceptance of the gospel. While Swahili is Tanzania’s national language, Highlands and Foothills concluded that sharing the Oral New Testament in the original languages, would be a crucial component of seeing people come to faith in Christ.

So in May 2017, Foothills, supported by Highlands, contracted with Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) to translate and record the New Testament. FCBH’s proposal was to record both the original language of this people group and in Swahili in digital format to be used with individual “Proclaimer” units – hand-held, solar-powered play back units about the size of a “fat” cell phone and weighing less than ½ lb.  Its sound capability enables a listening group of up to 100 people to hear God’s Word clearly.

FCBH has completed language recordings and received approval from the Tanzania Bible Society to dispense “Proclaimer” units. Fifty units have been delivered to the Bosticks and are being used among new believers in their ministry area. HCC’s International Ministries recently approved purchasing an additional 50 units for delivery to the Bongs next March. It is exciting to imagine how God will use His Word in the heart language of these people! Thanks for your generous giving which has made this possible.