Pastor Jesse Campbell

Here is a picture from our wedding day. I was a few pounds lighter back then, a few Floridian shades darker, and some of the hair from the top of my head in that photo has made its way to my chin today. It was October 18, 2008 and on that day, I committed indefinitely to be committed to my bride.

Just like on my wedding day, I made the commitment to give at least 10% of my income, often offering far more, from my first paycheck with no intentions of ever taking a break from it. I would never take a break from being married. I would never take a break from surrendering financially to Jesus as Lord in my life; giving back to the One who gave me everything.

A beautiful next step in your journey as a believer in Jesus is putting a ring on your giving. Regular recurring giving is one way to do that. It allows givers to, in a singular act, commit to giving in a way that eliminates the possibility of forgetfulness. In the same way that we take no breaks from our marriages, signing up for regular recurring giving helps us make ministry possible in the church that shepherds our souls and reaches our world for Christ without taking a break. You can join me in this at highlandscc.org/give. If you have been faithfully giving consistently and already “put a ring on” your giving, then thank you so much for your faithfulness and Happy Giving Anniversary!