Barry Brenden

On September 10,  Highlands hosted Kickoff Parties at both the Renton and Kent campuses.   I was at the Renton campus and it was a tremendous time as people gathered together in the back parking lot area under a huge tent for hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and sno-cones.   People from nearby apartments walked over to enjoy the feast too.  Adjacent to the tent were huge inflatables for the kids and families.   The celebration also featured a car show where 25 cars of all makes and models were displayed.    Awards were given for the best original car, best muscle car, best classic car and so on.  Upon seeing the cars displayed, one neighbor crossed the street, enjoyed the show, and said, “Any church that has a car show…I’m going to that church!”    One participant who hasn’t attended Highlands brought his original 1959 Dodge Coronet said, “Thanks for the invite!   Your team did an excellent job organizing the event.”

Here’s a sample of other things I observed during the Kickoff party:

  • People  brought their unchurched friends.
  • People from the surrounding neighborhood coming to participate.
  • New people were warmly welcomed and got to know HCC members.
  • Regular attendees were excited as they reconnected with old friends at HCC.
  • People of all ages had fun together.

At the close of the event on both campuses, we witnessed people lingering to talk and connect with each other.   Many didn’t want to leave!   It’s that quality that continues to make Highlands have a special place in the hearts of our people.   We are truly a church family.   Thanks to all those who helped make this event more than just an event.   We created a space where relationships grew.    Our prayer continues that God will use that time to sustain and deepen relationships that point people to find and follow Jesus.