HCC ministries in Africa include linguistic research and Bible translation, equipping nationals for discipleship and church planting in eastern Africa, establishment of Bible-based churches among a people group with limited evangelical exposure, and bringing the gospel to schools, prisons, rehabs, and community groups through the Reach4Life program in South Africa. 
For more information on the Africa Region, please contact Alan & Mary Lou Pomeroy.

The Asia region contains 55% of the world population and over 4800 unreached people groups.  Within the Asia region, Highlands supports missionaries who are church planters or are training church planters or leaders in their churches.  Over 2000 new churches have been planted in Asia and hundreds have graduated from training programs in recent years.  We are partnering with missionaries in India, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand and short term partners in several other countries.
For more information on the Asia region, please contact Jeff Purcell.

The Eurasia region consists of twelve countries that were a part of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.) Only 2% of the population in this region are Evangelical Christians.
Our regional objectives are to establish partnerships with national pastors and missionaries in different parts of the region, pray for them, support them financially, develop ministry projects, and send short-term teams to help accomplish projects.
For more information on the Eurasia Region, please contact Norman Hummell.

Europe’s great spiritual heritage has blessed the world but in recent years a deadening secular humanism has been the dominating force and its philosophy has corrupted every part of Europe’s culture. Barely 10% of the population regularly attends church. With the dramatic fall of the Iron Curtain, the ground became more fertile in the former Soviet Union countries. Because the window of opportunity may be short, we feel the urgency to use our time wisely in these areas. We are currently supporting ministries in France.
For more information on the Europe Region, please contact Eugene Citrisky.

Latin America
In Latin America the missionaries are reaching their communities through a boys home, Awana, sports ministries and vacation bible schools.
For more information on the Latin and North America Regions, please contact Victor Kravcenko.

North America
The North America regional ministry has served as a major base of missions operation for Highlands’ International Ministries. Our missionaries minister on college campuses and serve in technical and administrative leadership and support in the sending offices of various missionary organizations. Highlands has been involved with local church planting partnerships and disaster relief projects.
For more information on the North America Regions, please contact Simi Bilti.

Middle East
You can help the Middle East by praying for open doors and open hearts of the Middle East people. Pray for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Especially pray for the HCC missionaries. Pray for their strength, perseverance, and refreshment. Pray that God will lead the people they come in contact with to reconciliation with Himself. Pray for fellowship with other believers and that God would give them close friendships.
For more information on the Middle East Region, please contact Scott Sawrey.

Pacific Region
The Pacific region consists of 25,000 islands scattered over 33 million square miles of ocean. Highlands partners with Australian Indigenous Ministries (AIM), Pacific Missionary Aviation (PMA), Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Campus Crusade for Christ International (CRU). We are presently working with missionaries in Australia, Micronesia and Papua New Guinea.
For more information on the Pacific Region, please contact Gary & Helen Young.