We invite you to connect with a small group leader through our online Small Group Finder. If you would like to talk to someone regarding Small Groups, please contact Dana Englehart, (425) 255-4751.

Small Group Finder
Why Join a Small Group?

Make life-long friendships
Small Groups are a place where you will discover loving, caring, accountable relationships of trust and compassion. You will develop friendships with other Christians who also desire to serve and please God.

Grow in your relationship with Christ
You will meet once a week, study God’s Word together, and encourage each other to mature as believers in Christ. You will begin to hold each other accountable to be consistent and obedient to the principles that God teaches.

Find friends who truly care
You will find friends who desire the best for you. They will hurt when you hurt and cheer with you when you celebrate. They will come alongside you during the tough times and need your support when they hurt.

Learn to pray for others
You will appreciate that members of your group care about you and ask the Lord to help and bless you and your family. You will begin to feel comfortable praying with your group and begin praying for them in return, and for others in your family and neighborhood.

Begin applying the Bible to your personal life
As you mature in your relationship with Christ, you will desire to follow Him more closely. You will want what you DO to match more closely with what you SAY you believe. You will begin to give God the chance to do His work in your personal life.

Begin reaching out to others
Together your group will learn to reach out in love to friends and neighbors, showing the love of Christ to people who don’t yet know Him.

There is a group that’s right for you!
We all want to grow in our relationships with Christ. Spending a few hours each week with others who desire the same thing will enrich and encourage each of us. Intimacy with God and community with one another will develop within us a passion for others in our community. Together we can have a real impact for Christ on our neighborhoods!